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    A reinvented concept of business card

The project

Share your contacts in just one tap

Winner of the Green Good Design Sustainability Award, B1 is the new way to present yourself. B1 is a digital, elegant and smart business card. Surprise your caller with the fastest and most innovative way to stay in touch. In the job market you need a flexible tool that keeps up with your career. B1 Card and its ingenious app, allow you to update your job position, present your different activitities, control your privacy and share data through a single ticket, smart. Choosing B1, comapneies and professionals will help to stop wasting paper and help B1 to grow the Pininfarina Segno forest.


We immediately appreciated the B1 project for its vry contemporary vision. I find e has a brilliant approach to expanding the functionality of the business card, responding to the current needs of the job market. For more than 90 years, innovation has been one of the key works to guide Pininfarina design, for this reson we value the ideas that look at the future, it is part of our DNA.

Paolo Pininfarina - President of Pininfarina

The way

Many functions in just one card

VCARD: The Digital Address Book

Send your data in the most popular and immediate virtual format. Update the information and choose how to share it.

LINKTREE: All Social Media and Websites

Bring all your URLs and social chennels together on one page. It’s the most complete way to share your virtual identity and present your work. Through the app you can monitor clicks on different links and check statistics of your visitors.

LEADS: Make your customers register

Share a registartion form to fill in to attend an event,  read the newsletter, or receive promotions. The LEAD Generation, connected to your business CRM, offers important tools to expand the user pool and manage startegic marketing activities.

REDIRECT: Send your presentations

Upload your portfolio, business presentation or video online and share with a link. You can check  visualization statistics through our analystics tool.

The idea

B1 is the smart business card that suits all professions. You can upload different profiles, choose which data to show and share them in a single gesture. In addition, B1 is the ideal tool to transmit links to your web pages and social networks during a meeting.

Immediate: share your contact to save in your address book. Bring your card closer to any smartphone. The customer needs less than a second to save your address book information and it will never be lost or thrown away again.

Multibusiness: register your businesses, in one card. With B1 you will no longer forget the right card or to make pen changes. Through the dedicated app you can manage multiple profiles on the same card, choosing each time to show.

Privacy: you decide which data to share. Within B1 card app, you can decide which data to share and how much data to use with the ID level feature. This function can be strategic on several occasions.

Security: Lock your B1 in case of loss. With a click on the app you can immediately disable your card and request a replacement.


The B1 Card features have been implemented to integrate them into the work flow of your company team. Your  business can count  on a powerful ally to manage the sharing of personal data through a simple tap.


HR Mode

Through a dedicated platform, integrating the HR system will be possible full control of the data, create new ones, update the different corporate positions, all using the same card.

CRM Integration

Implement your business CRM, with the leads feature you can instantly register new contacts.

Specific App

Through a simple and intuitive app all team members can check their data, define the data to share, and use their B1 Card even in virtual mode making data sharing fast and smart.


With the analytics function you can check the number of views of your links, registrations to your contact forms directly from the app

Data Security

256 bit AES encryption technology

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