The project

An exclusive apartment in front of the Olympic Golf Park in Rio

Located in the sprawling Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro, Cyrela Riserva Golf is a custom Pininfarina model unit situated opposite the local Olympic Golf Park. Opened in February of 2019, the model unit exemplifies Pininfarina’s ability to create spaces that tick three big boxes: functionality, beauty, and contextuality. With the apartment surrounded by expansive ocean views and surrounding mountains, Pininfarina’s design team drew inspiration from the diverse cultural and environmental landscape of Rio, in addition to the firm’s signature aesthetic, defined by their renowned automotive heritage.

The way

Inspired to the landscape diversity of Rio de Janeiro

Earthy hues reflecting the surrounding environment define the predominant color story, which includes muted greens, greys and neutrals. Materials such as woods, metals and silks, with each surface both texturally and visually different from the next, were incorporated to exude ‘quiet’ luxury. The multi-layered landscape of the area, with its mountains, sea side, golf course, and surrounding city, is reflected within the interior design of the space, where seamless transitions from room to room mirror the way in which the sky, sea and horizon gradually disappear into the haze.

In regards to the layout, the design team placed the gathering place— the ‘creative hub’— at the center of the unit, with the suites, living areas and bedrooms located on the periphery, as to maximize the surrounding views. Using biophilic partitions and transitional wooden walls, the layout of each area is defined by multiple functional zones that create intimate interior design ‘destinations,’ enhancing privacy in the open-plan space. Each area of the unit is designated through contrasting materials, reflecting the spatial boundaries. Similar to the interiors of high-end automobiles, where juxtaposed materials are a key design feature, sharp material contrasts such as dark, solid wood against a soft, light grey wall, or soft fabrics against shiny polished metal, are understated, allowing the stand-out surrounding views to truly shine.

The Idea

A truly Pininfarina space

Cyrela Riserva Golf origines from the idea of creating a 100% Pininfarina environment where residents could immerge theirselves in an ambience where the limits between external and internal and between different areas are almost seamless, to make them feel and discover the space gradually. An environment where the city landscapes becomes the interior protagonist and in the same way divides the space in different functional zones creating different levels of privacy.


Pininfarina's way to Architecture

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