The Project

Style, performance and material selection

A harmony of lines that come together to give form to beauty and functionality in a single piece of footwear. So, from the meeting between Velasca, a brand that has made Italian craftsmanship its standard bearer, and Pininfarina, a synonym of Italian design, comes Monviso, the new footwear that represents the two faces of Italian styling: design and craftsmanship.


It can almost be said that Italy is morally obliged to bring beautiful objects into the world. We don't want to be simply a brand of high-quality handcrafted shoes, but an expression of Italian spirit and Italian lifestyle that distinguishes us in the world for our focus on excellence and authenticity. True to this vision we are enthusiastic about our collaboration with Pininfarina, with whom we share an affinity of thought and values. Monviso footwear is in fact an expression of this kinship and the result of the meticulous refinement and originality that distinguishes every one of our shoes.

Enrico Casati and Jacopo Sebastio - Founders of Velasca

The Way

A story of affinity

The name of this urban trail footwear symbolises the affinity of the two companies, which have worked in perfect harmony over the past few months, united by their passion for beautiful, well-made Italian products. The name Monviso is also a hymn to the origin of the two companies: the Monviso mountain is, in fact, Piedmontese like Pininfarina and is the source of the river Po that connects Piedmont to Lombardy, where Velasca was born.

The Idea

Together to innovate Italian manufacturing

Pininfarina’s imprint on the design of the new footwear can be seen in the elegance of the flowing, minimalist forms that blend with the sporty, technological essence of the materials employed. The result is a trail shoe whose waterproof membrane, Vibram rubber sole and soft suede calfskin make it comfortable even in everyday city life. The Monviso will be available in four colours: black, blue and black, beige and black and grey and black.

Monviso details:

Suede calfskin

Soft, suede leather with that typical velvety effect. It is handcrafted in Montegranaro.

 Waterproof membrane

You don’t see it, but you feel it when it starts to rain: inside the upper (the upper part of the shoe) we have inserted a membrane that keeps the foot dry.

 Vibram Trail sole

The lightweight, shock-absorbing Vibram sole is made from 30% recycled rubber. It is designed for people who live on the move: it facilitates rapid lateral movement and has excellent grip. The rubber pads are widely spaced for easy cleaning.

Foot protection

We have added stiffer parts to protect the foot from impact: on the back of the shoe and on the toe box, to keep heel and toes safe from uncontrolled movements at speed. And on the sides, where the protective lines curve like mountain slopes.

Price: € 350

Buy online at https://campaigns.velasca.com/redirect/pages/velasca-designed-by-pininfarina and in Velasca stores

The pursuit of new design languages that are able to bring together Italian styling and high performance has always been a passion of ours. In Velasca we have found the ideal partner to explore new scenarios capable of combining tradition and high-quality materials with innovative ways of using footwear. Monviso - with its sporty and urban soul and thanks to its harmonious lines and high performance - fully represents the spirit of our partnership.

Paolo Lugaro - Lead Designer of Pininfarina

Pininfarina's way to Lifestyle Products

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