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The project

An emblem of the ‘60s reinterpreted in a 4.0 version

The “Spiaggina” by Garage Italia has been created thanks to the precious technical and engineering contribution of Pininfarina and the support of Fiat. 4th July 1958, this car made its first debut in the streets of Capri. An iconic cart hat accompanied Italians throughout the economic boom and social rebirth of their country. Loved by VIPs, actors, singers, TV anchors and entrepreneurs that went crazy for its uniquestyle, the “Spiaggina” has become the emblem of an era thanks to its elegance; a myth of the‘60s and the symbol of La Dolce Vita. Today – 60 years later -, Lapo Elkann – chairman and creative director of Garage Italia – reinterpreted La Dolce Vita in a 4.0 version and gave a newlife to the essence of this iconic car, adding a further specialty to the Garage Italia project. The creation and production of exclusive cars will join the customization and tailor-made services where his creative hub is already playing a leading role. To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the “Spiaggina”, Garage Italia and Fiat have prepared two very special tributes.

Creativity and feasibility, technology and handmade skills: distinguishing features of Pininfarina in the service of a new icon of the Italian design and know-how. The “Spiaggina” is the experience that helps Pininfarina to prove once again its design skills and its natural suitability to create exclusive and unique models. Passion and attention to detail allowed the founder of Pininfarina to create the Eden Roc for Gianni Agnelli during the ‘50s. Today, the same qualities have driven Pininfarina in the development and in the building of the “Spiaggina”, starting from the arrangement set up by Garage Italia, based on the Fiat 500C. The “Spiaggina” is also a meeting between companies and gentlemen that made that car their mission, as an industrial product and aesthetic object.

Silvio Pietro Angori - CEO of Pininfarina

The way

Designed to not forget anything

Carefreeness, amusement and joie de vivre: these are the feelings that the “Spiaggina” show car by Garage Italia conveys at first sight, thanks to its typical summery colors: “Blue Volare” and “Perla White” which characterize the two-tone livery of the car body with Garage blue finishing touches and matching the interior coverings. There’s no roof – as in the “Spiaggina” from the ‘60s – and the rear passenger space has been turned into a large compartment with an integrated road shower to take with you whatever it takes for a day at the lake or at the beach. This modification has been possible thanks to the help of Pininfarina’s technical specialists which Milan, supported Garage Italia’s staff in the design of the structural backing works, such as the rear rollbar to guarantee the right rigidity of the chassis.
Truly plenty of details make the latest creation of Lapo Elkann’s creative hub unique and one of a kind. The show car has a lowered sailing windshield and the covering of the load platform is in slatted cork with a pattern that calls to mind the slatted design of the teak floors in luxury yachts where we will soon surely see the car disembarking from, thanks to specific load hooks.

The two front seats have been replaced by a custom-made small bench that calls to mind the typical design of the ‘60s cars, embellished with leather upholstery in white and light-blue Foglizzo leather, with waterproof treatment. The Pirelli P Zero Nero GT tires contribute to its classic charm that refers to the look of the ‘50s cars. The white side walls – beyond pointing out the Pirelli logo – bring you back to the Italian economic miracle when many “Spiaggina” cars crowded the Mediterranean streets and when the tires distinguished by white bands were the symbol of luxury and carelessness. In the end, the chrome-plated finishing touches of the car door handles, rear-view mirrors and hubcaps of the wheels using the Fiat 500 Vintage 1957 alloy make this “Spiaggina” by Garage Italia shine in the sunlight. From the show car to the manufacturing is one step away. The car is bookable and can be customized with all the tailor-made features available on the one-off versions branded Garage Italia; there is also the option of replacing the standard front windshield with the low sailing deflector equipping the show car. The production car could be equipped with any of the engine types currently available in the Fiat 500 selection.

The idea

A passion for generations

The “beach” convertible kind of cars is a recurring theme in the history of Pininfarina. When Gianni Agnelli wanted to equip his Villefranche-sur-Mer estate with a “Spiaggina”, he asked Pininfarina to create it, starting from a Fiat model. The choice fell on the 600 Multipla, customized according to the layout of motorboats: that was the way the Marine 600 Eden Roc was created, a spectacular example with teak details. 60 years later, Lapo Elkann thinks about Pininfarina as the perfect technical partner to engineer the contemporary version of the “Spiaggina” and to achieve a show car for the worldwide debut. Starting from the renderings and by setting up colors and materials created by Garage Italia’s designers, Pininfarina shaped the “Spiaggina”, initially adapting the car body and the original chassis from the Fiat 500C, later by crafting the specific elements created by Lapo Elkann and by his team. Among the most evident ones – which evoke the life at sea -, the creation of a low windshield that clearly refers to a motorboat one, the transformation of the seat into a small bench, the design of a structural roll bar that evokes the boat arches for antennas and radars, the creation of a folding trunk that – once opened – looks like the small stern bridge of a yacht. The attention to detail – which has always been the crown jewel of Pininfarina and Garage Italia – stands out from the quality of some building elements such as the solution for the rear cockpit that can be opened or the removable road shower.

Love at first sight, one that strikes dead your heart and soul. These are the feelings that I have every time I look at a 500 and whenever I drive one of them. I fell in love with her when I was a child and growing up I dreamed of its rebirth. I am glad that the revamp will help many to re-experience the dream and the magic years of the economic boom and of the Italian joie de vivre. Since 2008 and over the years, I have always customized them for myself and with the opening of Garage Italia we had the chance to design a multitude of one off and unique versions that have confirmed the versatility and the high modernity of this car which is still nowadays one of the most beloved worldwide love brands. Eleven years have passed since that 4th July 2007 - the day of its rebirth - and today I wanted to celebrate and refit another splendid Italian icon designing and creating together with my Design Centre the “Spiaggina” by Garage Italia, achieved thanks to the precious technical and engineering contribution of Pininfarina and the support of Fiat. I am proud of what we have done and I am happy we have it done in Italy, with Italian companies that promote our beloved country all over the world. I am sure this car will make everyone fantasize, dream and revisit once again the Italian Joie de vivre that has inspired the world for generations

Lapo Elkann - Chairman and Creative Director of Garage Italia

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