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Using digital technology to connect music fans in real life

The new Vilnius Concert Hall has been imagined as a cultural hub for the future of Vilnius but also as an opportunity to revitalize the entire city. The project aims to design a modern space in Vilnius, which would contain a hall suitable for symphony concerts, entertainment activities and leisure time activities.

The architecture of the building has the objective of becoming a new symbol of the city, reflecting modern times of customers through a seamless 5G connection to ephemeral locations across the city. Thanks to the newest digital technologies, the music could be experienced not only while visiting the new Vilnius Concert Hall, but as well as walking through the city: small fragments of the Concert Hall events will be spread into squares, parks and unexpected places of Vilnius.

This idea is a key element of the culture democratization strategy: thanks to the low latency of 5G technologies, it is possible to bring music and arts to an increasingly wider public, allowing musical events to occur not only within the new structure but also in different city contexts.


Dynamic stage

In the mid-19th century, panoramic paintings and models became a very popular way to represent landscapes, topographic views and historical events. European audiences in this period were thrilled by the aspect of illusion, immersed in a winding 360 degree panorama that gave the impression of standing in a new environment.

The diorama, as one of the variations of the panoramic model, inspired the design of the main hall. The concept was used to integrate sounds with visual images in the Grand hall. The sound reflective surfaces on the ceiling were developed to integrate projectors and led walls and to recreate an immersive scenario. This digital “environment” evolves according to music and needs, enhancing emotions and vivid memories as in a “lucid dream”.


Interactive facade

The facade is shaped by 3076 stainless steel boxes, closed on both sides by randomly refracting glass panels, rotated to reflect the sky, and the led system hidden in between. A smart system of lighting features makes the facade responsive: changing its color and brightness according to the music playing inside, thus transmitting the lighting show. The facade is no more a simple static object, it becomes a bridge between the inside of the concert hall and the outside: it interacts with the city, the visitors and citizens fulfilling them with different emotions.

The control of interior and exterior lighting is carried out by a custom content management system which allows easy updates of the display and deliverance of the right customer experience while reducing energy consumption by up to 80%.

Advanced acoustics

The hall has a rounded shoe-box shape and is mainly used as a chamber music hall, but it was studied to be used for rehearsal and for conferences. Thus its volume could be changed by using hidden sound absorbing materials, so its reverberation time can vary.

The volume of the hall is about 6,000 m³, the audience area is sloped in order to guarantee a good reception of the direct sound and the interior finishes have been chosen to provide the correct amount of sound absorbing and diffusing surfaces. The ceiling design was considered as an acoustic reflector, able to reinforce the first useful reflections of the sound towards the public.

Pininfarina Architecture verified the acoustic project through the application of numerical simulation techniques with ODEON software in order to optimize the acoustic response for different uses: chamber music, conference room and rehearsal room.

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