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The project

A piece of art

VORTEX TOWER, designed in early 2016 by the French designer Amédée Santalo in collaboration with the famous Pininfarina design firm who is also the Architect is destined to be established in East Africa. It will play an important role in boosting the local economy and provide all the necessary infrastructures to satisfy the most demanding businessmen and entrepreneurs in the world.

During a conference about water (Paris-2015) I saw an impressive image of a Vortex, its energetic power and the perfection of its proportions. The image of a huge tower immediately came to my mind. To make a tower symbolizing the energy of a whole continent, people that would be caught by this vortex to meet in the African city of the future inspired me a lot. Without hesitation I went to Pininfarina’s headquarter in Torino (Italy) to present a 3D model of the vortex. The concept held the attention of Pininfarina’s team, a company that sits at the top of the of Design and Architecture’s world, the beginning of the adventure starts at this moment. Pinifarina’s Architect made from a nice concept a real piece of Art.

Amédée Santalo - Concept designer

The way

A project expression of Africa

The tower is part of an equally amazing and attractive flower-shaped master plan. These 6 flower petals represent each continent and welcome the entire world to come and play a role in by representing their architecture, culture, life style in a global city. The place will provide the most pleasant natural environment for families, with in its conception the integration of the principles of the blue economy. A great step towards the reconciliation between man and his environment, a development that will have no negative impact on nature.

The extreme simplicity of its shape gives an elegance never equaled this tower of 650 m. A line of perfect proportions (Golden Ratio), repeated 7 times around a central axis to form 7 petals at its base. Each petal will host and represent a luxury sector. The secret of this masterpiece of architecture lies in what it shelters in its atrium. Business towers inside the tower, surrounded by a white marble village entirely dedicated to the world of luxury. A unique concept, never seen in architecture. At the ceiling of the atrium (200 m) starts the tower. There will be offices, a 7-star hotel and infrastructure for radio and TV studios. There will also be spaces dedicated to the promotion of art and culture, a conference center and a spa. The vortex, a real energetic force, symbolizes the energy of a whole continent to build together the world of tomorrow. A project that unifies the 54 African countries and puts more than one billion people in motion.

The idea

The energy of a whole continent

These 6 flower petals represent each continent and welcome the entire world to come and play a role in by representing their architecture, culture, life style in a Global City. An iconic tower must be placed on a stage at the height of its grandeur. This is why, the podium and the environment of such Iconic building, not only will emphasize the work but it will protect it from all forms of nuisances.

When ever I am thinking of a project, I want to be sure it will play a major role in the economy of the place where it will land. It has to be Iconic, a certain size and reflecting today’s humans and market needs in order to success. A tower is always a starting point of something else, a bigger vision that will change the perception of the country, bring prosperity and employment. As a developer, I concentrate more on the long term vision than just building an other nice tower.Africa is moving fast, it is already the land of unlimited opportunities for developers, investors and entrepreneurs. The Vortex Tower, part of my Al Noor City program, is definitely the right vehicule to carry our vision. Development is not limited to one project, when we start we never stop. Our mission is to bring added value to that beautiful place respecting human and nature’s law.

H.E. Sheikh Tarek M. Binladen - Chairman – Owner MED LL Dubai

Pininfarina's way to Architecture

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