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The project

The world’s fastest man

Simone Origone, world champion of speed skiing, is the world’s fastest man, also thanks to the Pininfarina Wind Tunnel. In fact, in the Research Centre located at Grugliasco (Turin, Italy), Simone Origone developed the equipment with which in 2006 he brought back to Italy the world record of speed skiing.
Origone is often back to the Pininfarina Wind Tunnel to carry out aerodynamic tests on his new sports equipment, with the aim to individuate the profiles ensuring the best aerodynamic performance.



The way

High technology

As before every important race, the holder of the World Cup wearing his suit of polyurethane coated Lycra, spoilers system behind the calf, the helmet falls over the eyes of fiberglass, then submit himself to  thirty “brushes” to 110 kilometers per hour, for 30 seconds each. When the wind increases until 110 km/h and the propeller is fully operational, Origone is able to see on a display, in real time, the drag expressed in kilograms. At this point, the champion looks for the position which allows him to obtain the minor drag. Everything under the control of Pininfarina Wind Tunnel engineers. Moreover, through the visualization with smoke, it is possible to double-check the type of aerodynamic flow on the skier’s shoulders, on his back and on the helmet, always trying to find the best position minimizing the drag.

The idea

Wind engineering

The Pininfarina Wind Tunnel is since 1972 a center of excellence for the research and development in the aerodynamic and aero-acoustic sector. To support the research activities, up-to-date devices and advanced measuring techniques are available. The Wind Tunnel mainly operates on 1:1 scale vehicles, in the aerodynamic and aero-acoustic sectors, but another important activity field is the one of the Wind Engineering (aerodynamic studies on buildings, industrial equipment, bridges, sunshades, …) and of the aerodynamic research in sports. Along the years many aerodynamic tests have been carried out in the Pininfarina Wind Tunnel: for the Formula 1, for motorcycling and for the sports equipment of world-class athletes. In the Grugliasco Research Centre, the cyclist Francesco Moser prepared the world hour record, the climber Reinhold Messner tested his high-altitude tent, the ski champion Isolde Kostner tested the suit she was wearing when she got on the podium for the first time, Daniela Ceccarelli prepared herself for the 2002 Winter Olympic Games of Salt Lake City (where she was awarded with the gold medal in the Supergiant), the French skier Antoine Dénériaz carried out aerodynamic tests on his suit Anzi Besson which he was wearing in the men’s downhill at the 2006 Turin Winter Olympic Games. Also sports equipment designed by Pininfarina Extra, as the golf clubs Mizuno and the ski boots Lange have undergone tests in the Wind Tunnel. And it is worth mentioning the great success of the 2006 Turin Winter Olympic Games, for which Pininfarina designed and developed the Torch, also tested in the Wind Tunnel, and the Cauldron.


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The most successful athlete in the speed skiing history

Simone Origone, born in Aosta (Italy) in 1979, entered the speed skiing  Italian national team 7 years ago, obtaining great results which allowed him to be the most successful athlete in the speed skiing history or: in less than six seconds they go from 0 to 200 km/h). He holds the world’s KL record with 251.40 kmh.

He won:

  • 7 World’s Cups (2004-2005-2006-2007-2009-2010-2011)
  • 4 World’s Fis (2005-2007-2009- 2011)
  • 4 World’s Pro (2004-2006-2008-2009)
  • 2 Speed Master- former world’s pro (2010-2011)


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