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E-Gap Fast - Pininfarina

E-Gap Fast

E-Gap Fast. The first off-grid ultrafast electric charging column.
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Dynamically combines fast charging and slow charging, managing the power based on the actual needs of the customer and optimizing the loads on the network.
The project

Ultrafast charging

E-GAP FAST is the first off-grid ultrafast charging column by Pininfarina. The column, made by E-GAP Engineering (The production innovation hub of E-GAP), is able to dynamically combine fast charging, with a maximum charging power of 120 KW (distributable also on two vehicles with a power of 60kw each) and slow charging, to date up to 5 charging columns from 22 kW, managing the power based on the actual needs of the customer and optimizing the loads on the network.

The way

User experience

Pininfarina collaborated in the design of E-GAP FAST starting from the definition of the user experience, then working on the product design and finally defining the user interface. The user experience was imagined in off-grid contexts allowing the charging of two cars simultaneously. In terms of physical design, E-GAP FAST has two charging connections equipped with a bright interface that aims to communicate intuitively the charging status of the vehicle. The length of the charging cable has been maximized, to facilitate its use. The rear side of the E-GAP FAST is equipped with large LED screens, which can be used both for interaction with the user and for projection of images and videos.

The idea

Charging solution

E-GAP FAST is dedicated to all those who need to enable their market to use electricity and to those who, for technical reasons, timing and opportunities need to use off-charging solution grid, with high performance and totally integrated, even where the available power of electricity grid does not allow installation of fast and even super-fast columns. This charging solution integrates into a unique E-GAP service platform that also allows you to take advantage of the services offered by vans, called E-GAP Fast Delivery, and from E-GAP Trolley, a portable charging system with integrated battery capable of providing a range of about 25 km in 30 minutes.