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H2 Racing Truck - Pininfarina

H2 Racing Truck

World's first hydrogen racing car.
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    Utility vehicles
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    Hericourt, FR
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The H2 RACING TRUCK® is the first model in the new range of GAUSSIN’s zero-emission, 100% hydrogen and electric road trucks that will be launched from 2022.
The project

A complex of technology, power and robustness

The H2 RACING TRUCK® is the most powerful hydrogen truck in the world combining technology, power and robustness designed with high quality components to operate in extreme environments. High-quality components, input from dozens of experts recognized in their fields, thousands of hours of development and testing, certification of components by control organizations, vehicle approval: these are the safety measures implemented in the development and design of the H2 RACING TRUCK.

The way

A full range of hydrogen trucks designed by Pininfarina

Unlike the solutions currently available on the market, GAUSSIN’s hydrogen system has been developed for an ultra-light chassis designed around the hydrogen and electric powertrain, based on the modular skateboard launched last April by GAUSSIN.

The skateboard is available in a long-distance hydrogen version with a hydrogen refueling time of less than 20 minutes for 800 km of autonomy and in an electric version for short distances with a battery change time of 3 minutes for 400 km of autonomy.

The zero-emission road truck is available in five models: road tractor, autonomous, for distribution, construction and racing. The overall construction and design consider technical requirements linked to the hydrogen and electric powertrain and the operation of fuel cells, as well as the junction with the modular skateboard and the latest technologies in terms of materials and Human Machine Interface.

The idea

A concentration of technology

The H2 RACING TRUCK® incorporates high performance design to withstand extreme environments, and it is intended to demonstrate the performance and reliability of the hydrogenelectric motorization developed by GAUSSIN.

By entering the first 100% hydrogen and electric truck in the Dakar, GAUSSIN intends to demonstrate the reliability and performance of its hydrogen road range in a difficult environment. New technologies based on renewable energies are available and mature and should help accelerate the energy transition.