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Coca-Cola Freestyle - Pininfarina

Coca-Cola Freestyle

Aesthetics, practicality and technology are the passwords of the project.
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    The Coca-Cola Company
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    Atlanta (GA), USA
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The designer drinks dispenser.
The project

The real thing

The Coca-Cola Freestyle is the automatic drinks dispenser developed by Pininfarina Extra with The Coca-Cola Company’s industrial design team.

Innovative technologies and a touchscreen system allow the consumer to select over one hundred different carbonated and natural beverages, in the same amount of space occupied by today’s eight-valve machines.

The way

The secret formula of success

The drinks dispenser developed by Coca-Cola and Pininfarina Extra has a sophisticated, captivating design, which combines sinuous lines and innovative styling.

The Coca-Cola Freestyle is a product with highly ergonomic external dimensions, that marks a radical departure from traditional drinks dispensers, thanks to the unmistakable Pininfarina imprint.

From a technological perspective, the Coca-Cola Freestyle adopts the patented PurePour Technology™ which offers a range of over one hundred brands of water, fruit juice, tea, sports drinks and carbonated beverages, selected by a convenient touchscreen system.

The idea

Dispenser Design

The Coca-Cola Freestyle aims to create an innovative experience for the consumer.

The vaguely retro design, which harks back to the sinuous lines of 1950s vending machines, hides a cutting edge technological heart that offers a choice of more than one hundred beverages in a limited space.

The consumer’s experience is further enhanced by a practical, ergonomic touchscreen system.

Atlanta calls Italy

The Coca-Cola Freestyle was developed by the Pininfarina Extra designers in collaboration with The Coca-Cola Company’s industrial design team.