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Levee Professional Coffee Machines - Pininfarina

Levee Professional Coffee Machines

Designed for a unique barista experience.
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    Helvacıoğlu Kahve
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    Ankara, TR
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Designed for a unique barista experience. Unique style and user experience with the most advanced technologies.
The project

An Award Winning Coffee Machine

Recent winner of the prestigious Good Design Award, the Levee professional two group coffee machine brings together the most advanced technologies developed by Helvacıoğlu Kahve, one of the most appreciated premium espresso Turkish coffee producers, and the unique style and user experience developed by Pininfarina.

This first important award has laid the foundations for a new prestigious collaboration between Pininfarina and Helvacıoğlu Kahve: a new single group coffee machine, more compact and ideal for limited spaces, realized to complete Levee’s offering and to strengthen brand identityand recognition in the market.

The way

User experience at the heart

The new Levee coffee machines put the needs of baristas at the center of the whole experience, creating the best conditions to easily prepare the finest coffee even when under pressure. A result was possible thanks to Pininfarina’s extensive field research which initially focused on studying the daily gestures, behaviors and habits of qualified professional baristas inside their realm and, as a second step, actively involved them in order to explore in detail needs, pain points and wishes by co-creating, testing and refining different prototypes. This extended iterative process lead to the realization of the award winning Levee two group coffee machine and its more compact version, expression of perfect balance among physical controls, as the knob, the lever and digital buttons.

The sophisticated and avant-garde design studied by Pininfarina immediately makes these two coffee machines stand out from competition, setting an unprecedented standard in the market. Daring with and at the same time balancing warm and cold materials, such as metal and wood, confer to the Levee coffee machines a harmonic aspect while returning a pleasant tactile contrast. The use of wood in particular is not purely aesthetic, but hides capacitive buttons underneath, making the interaction pleasant and satisfying. Finally, the wise use of glass feet, inspired by the extended expertise of Pininfarina in furniture design, creates a floating effect, providing an overall sense of lightness.

The idea

The rise of a new incredible brand

Levee is Helvacıoğlu Kahve’s new brand created to set out a new standard in the industry by producing highly innovative and well-designed coffee machines. Pininfarina had the role of translating this outstanding vision into a design language capable of communicating premiumness at first sight and creating an emotional bond with end-users, thus materializing the Levee’s ambitions and brand values.