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Concorso Italiano 2024 - The Best of Italy at the Monterey Car Week "Reinvented" - Pininfarina
June 06, 2024

Concorso Italiano 2024 - The Best of Italy at the Monterey Car Week "Reinvented"

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    June 06, 2024

Concorso Italiano 2024 - The Best of Italy at the Monterey Car Week "Reinvented"

  • Under new ownership, the 2024 edition of Concorso Italiano will take place on Saturday, August 17th, 2024, at the Bayonet & Black Horse Golf Course on The Monterey Peninsula in California.

  • An elegant celebration of Italy’s unique attitude towards design, lifestyle and mobility, which endures the test of time and looks at the future.

  • This year’s edition will be the first step of an ambitious five-year plan aiming at further elevating the event as “The Preeminent Italian Lifestyle Event” outside Italy.

  • The new Pininfarina Classiche certification program makes its US debut at Concorso Italiano.

  • Walter De Silva, Ambassador of Italian Excellence in the world, will author the design of the Best of Show Award for 2024 and beyond.

  • Concorso Italiano will bring together cars, motorcycles and other vehicles along with all other beloved Italian cultural elements of fashion, music, art, cuisine and design, surrounded by never ending love and passion for Italian cars and lifestyle.

  • While the core values and themes of Concorso Italiano are unchanged, a wealth of new experiences and shows will enrich the format of the event, giving attendees many opportunities to get a glimpse of La Dolce Vita, the Italian way.

Milan, June 5th, 2024 – Prepare to immerse yourself in a world of unparalleled Italian excellence at the reinvented Concorso Italiano, the landmark event for enthusiasts of Italian motors and lifestyle during the Monterey Car Week. 2024 marks a significant turning point for the 39-year-old event, as it embarks on its next chapter under a new ownership represented by the new Chairman, long-time entrepreneur, car collector and Concorso Italiano patron Richard De Andrade. A new freshly-designed path and experience, which writes an exciting new page in the long history of the event.


Now animated by a new vision aiming at enhancing its core values while bringing the event to new heights, in 2024 Concorso Italiano will transcend car shows as we are used to imagining them. No longer a mere car parade, the event will be a celebration of the Italian lifestyle in its entirety, from beloved automotive design (cars, motorcycles, mopeds and bicycles, with plans for further extensions) to exquisite art, design, fashion, technology and, of course, delectable Italian cuisine. The Bayonet & Black Horse Golf Course, proud home to Concorso Italiano for many years, will again become the go-to outpost of Itay during Monterey Car Week, a picturesque setting overlooking the Central Coast of California where guests will savour delicious Italian food and fine wines while contemplating the best of the Italian automotive culture and getting a sound grasp of the Italian way of living. Participants at Concorso Italiano will be transported to the heart of La Dolce Vita, having access to a set of truly unforgettable experiences. The event will consist of over 5,000 sqm of usable space, elegantly adorned by exquisite examples of Italian craftmanship and sense of beauty: a delightful wonderland which is expected to welcome an unprecedented number of fine Italian cars in 2024.


As Concorso Italiano enters into a new chapter of its almost four decade-long history, the excitement of the team behind the event for what’s lying ahead can be easily found in the words of its new Chairman, Richard De Andrade: “As a long-time participant to Concorso Italiano and one of the patrons of the event for the last few years I’m humbled to become its custodian going forward and can’t wait for August 17th to let you all see first-hand what the future has in store for us. The theme for 2024, in alignment with transforming event such as a change of ownership is “transition.” This represents a look at the past highlighting and cherishing classic themes while looking forward to the future with an open mind. This year marks the beginning of a 5-year development plan – which has already secured support from many past sponsors and participants of the event – aiming to evolving the show into a 360-degree celebration around the three pillars of Italian Mobility, Design and Lifestyle as well as Culture, while keeping Mobility at the centre of the stage. As Concorso Italiano is already one of the few flagship events of Monterey Car Week taking place on the Monterey Peninsula every August and benefits from a global parterre of aficionados, we have a vision to scale it up as the most iconic Italian lifestyle gathering of the Monterey Car Week, and beyond.”

The new ownership of Concorso Italiano has also brought a few changes to the team in charge of the event. Chairman De Andrade also expresses gratitude to the previous owner for the work done so far: “While we are enthusiastic about the things we are doing to strengthen Concorso Italiano’s role as The Preeminent Italian Lifestyle Event outside of Italy, we are grateful to former owner and Chairman Tom McDowell for having been a committed custodian of the event and its core DNA over his many years of tenure.” The strong bond between the event and Italy is further highlighted by the partnership with Automobile Club Milano, the Milan-based public entity dedicated to motorist needs being a member of the Automobile Club d’Italia (ACI) association. Established in 1903, Automobile Club Milano offers a range of services to drivers and vehicles and strongly advocates for the preservation of the Italian motor culture. Geronimo La Russa, Chairman of Automobile Club Milano, welcomed the Concorso Italiano family at the club’s headquarters in the centre of Milan for the Italian presentation of the event; a further sign of the strong connection of Concorso Italiano with Italy and Milan, the European city where new trends in style, fashion and motors can often be “cool hunted” in advance. “We are very proud and happy to host the official Italian presentation of Concorso Italiano at the Automobile Club Milano headquarters and to collaborate with the organizer of this prestigious event dedicated to automotive brands that are symbols of our Country.” Says President La Russa, who also adds: “It’s important to give visibility to and keep events like Concorso Italiano alive so to put Italy’s priceless heritage of culture, elegance and history in the spotlight also abroad. Vintage cars and motorcycles remind us about the constant evolution of R&D that has always accompanied their manufacturing up to modern-day vehicles, that are technologically cutting-edge. Automotive history goes together with the history of the Italian economy and the industrial development of our Country, which is known across the globe also thanks to the automotive sector and its excellences”. In 2024 Concorso Italiano will further strengthen its attention towards the local Monterey Peninsula and California community, supporting charitable causes that make a difference in the lives of others. From aiding underprivileged families, to championing education and healthcare initiatives, as well as helping animals, participants of the event will help drive positive change for those less fortunate.


With Italy being known by many as the cradle of automotive design, it goes without saying that Concorso Italiano will pay an enthusiastic salute to Italy’s most glorified pencils. The key participant and honouree for the 2024 event showcase is Pininfarina, a worldwide symbol of Italian style combined with engineering and coachbuilding capabilities, being consistently at the forefront of innovation across all sectors in which it operates. Pininfarina has significantly contributed to the history of design and to the automotive industry, and today serves as an advanced style centre strongly projected to the future, utilizing state-of-the-art design tools and holistic skills. The design powerhouse selected Concorso Italiano to stage the US launch of its new program aimed at certifying classic cars: Pininfarina Classiche. Giuseppe Bonollo, Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing, confirms the firm’s excitement for the partnership with Concorso Italiano: “The love for the cars designed by Pininfarina showed every year by those attending Concorso Italiano made the choice of the event for the launch of the Pininfarina Classiche service in the US quite obvious. We can’t wait to show fellow enthusiasts in Seaside the support we can provide thanks to the huge proprietary historical archive about the classic cars designed and produced by Pininfarina over the decades.” Exclusively for those who register for the 2024 edition of Concorso Italiano with their car designed and produced by Pininfarina and request a production specifications statement, the renowned Italian design house will provide privileged access to its new certification program, subject to availability of information. At Concorso Italiano, Pininfarina will also launch an additional service for collectors, aimed at creating custom works of art based on the iconic assets preserved in the Pininfarina archive.


Despite many new features of the 2024 edition of Concorso Italiano will be unveiled to guests in August, awards remain at the core of the event, which has been featuring a much anticipated Concours since the early days. Entrants will compete for the Best of Show Award, which this year consists of a work of art designed by Walter De Silva that will continue the long tradition of Concorso Italiano’s trophies with a stylish Italian touch and will also establish a new one. De Silva’s touch on the Best of Show Award will in fact endure beyond the 2024 edition of the event, as the world-renowned designer who left a mark on many successful Italian cars will author the design of the Award for the years to come. “I am proud to be involved in a project that combines passion for Italian cars and lifestyle, which is also the source of inspiration for the design of the trophy in which the lines of a car intersect with the colours of the Italian flag to create a timeless sculptural form.” explained Walter De Silva, who last week has been appointed as a honorary member of the Altagamma Community and Ambassador of Italian Excellence in the world. Aside from the Best of Show, several additional Concours classes will be celebrated as in previous editions, including the one being presented with the Valentino Balboni Award. The legendary Lamborghini factory test driver, a long-time friend of Concorso Italiano who had a go at almost every concept, race or road car ever rolling out from the factory from 1968 to 2008, will be again on the green of the Bayonet & Black Horse Golf Course to lead the class judges in charge of evaluating entrant cars from Sant’Agata Bolognese.


Aside from the Concours, 2024 is bringing several new experiences to Concorso Italiano, which will entertain entrants and other participants also before the day of the event. The action will start on Wednesday, August 14th, with Mobility & Tech: a breakfast meet-up aimed at connecting fellow connoisseurs of motors with a sweet tooth for innovation, who after the panel discussion will gear up for a scenic tour towards the hills around the Monterey Peninsula. Then, on the evening right before Concorso Italiano on Friday, August 16th, a new tradition will begin. The opera choir I Cantori di Carmel will perform at the very first outdoor opera concert on the lawns and fairways of the Golf Course in connection with the event.


The 2024 Concorso Italiano offers to its guests a range of meticulously curated experience packages, designed to cater to every taste. From the standard CI Experience Package to the exclusive CI VIP Club, or the CI Chairman’s Club – the ultimate indulgence, limited to only 100 guests – packages will provide access to the event and the possibility to indulge in exclusive areas, get premium amenities as well as practice unforgettable Italian hospitality.

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