Pininfarina Architecture’s mission is to develop timeless beauty, simultaneously embracing, but not being affected by, the increasingly rapid changes in society and around the world. Beauty, not just for its own sake, but with a distinct identity, significance, and, above all, impact.

The brand’s ever expanding architectural presence around the world, from Europe to the Americas, going through Asia and the Middle East, is the ultimate proof of the driving equation in every project.
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The wonderous trait of being timeless yet contemporary.


Performance-based generative architectural design.


Embedding social value for people and communities.

Architecture Services

  • Preparation & Briefing
  • UX Definition
  • Concept Design
  • Spatial Coordination
  • Artistic Supervision
  • Brand Licensing

Preparation & Briefing

We aim to provide clients with a great end result and also something to be proud of

Understanding the client is the first step in our collaborative process. We delve into their history, culture, and philosophy, shaping a project brief that guides our work. From specific site requirements to project milestones, we ensure an alignment of intents.

Understanding the client is the first step towards this objective. We look into the client’s request, but we also study their history, culture and customs, their philosophy and activities, in order to truly reach a meaningful collaboration. Once the project kicks off, the client requirements are considered in greater detail, for a specific site or sites, and the conclusions are recorded in the project brief: this will contain guidance on the outcomes of the project, their sustainability and the desired level of quality.

These may influence how the client, design and construction teams are assembled to form the project team, as part of the procurement strategy, and may qualify the core milestones in the project programme. Some clients give detailed, prescriptive briefing guidance, while others leave carte blanche to the design team.

Once the project brief is approved by the client, the design phase begins.

UX Definition

A multisensorial experience, uniquely crafted for the client’s objectives

Our design goes beyond aesthetics; it's about creating a unique, multisensory experience. We prioritize how people interact with spaces, ensuring a lifestyle approach like no other.

Pininfarina, as a whole, is not just about beauty: it’s about how it is experienced. The way these spaces are perceived and lived is a core element of our design. How the space interacts with the people and how the people interact with the space goes a long way in determining the overall quality of the final product.

Concept Design

The concept design phase sets the architectural concept for a project

In this phase, we establish the architectural concept, aligning it with site information and project brief. Regular design reviews involve clients and stakeholders, and we iterate designs to match project strategies and budget.

Proposals are prepared to align with the site information and the project brief, including the spatial requirements. Regular design reviews are used to seek comments from the client and other project stakeholders and the design is iterated in response. Any project brief modifications are agreed upon, or the project brief is adjusted to align with the architectural concept. The concept proposals must also be iterated to accommodate inputs from the design team and from specialist consultants, including the strategic engineering requirements, such as building services, and civil and structural engineering.

The proposals must also be coordinated with the project strategies, and everything recorded in a stage report. The cost plan aims to demonstrate that the proposals and outline specification are aligned to the project budget. Completing this phase means having a first complete and thorough viability perspective of the project design.

Spatial Coordination

Testing and validating the architectural concept

We validate the architectural concept through design studies and engineering analysis, ensuring spatial coordination before detailed construction information is generated.

Spatial coordination is fundamentally about testing and validating the architectural concept, to make sure that the architectural and engineering information prepared during the concept design is spatially coordinated before producing the detailed information required to manufacture and construct the building.

Design studies and engineering analysis are executed to confirm or modify assumptions made during the concept design and to layer more detail onto the design. This phase is not about adjusting the architectural concept, which should remain substantially unaltered; however detailed design or engineering operations may require adjustments to make sure that the building is spatially coordinated.

Artistic Supervision

Working locally to fit concept to project

We collaborate with local architects and contractors to maintain the original concept. Our activities include artistic supervision during the technical design and construction phases, both online and on-site.

During this phase, Pininfarina’s involvement will be to work with a local architect and/or general contractor/the client for suggestions, approvals, and general artistic direction to ensure a perfect correspondence with the original concept presented in the previous phases.

The activities involve: artistic supervision during the technical design phase; artistic supervision during construction. This will be organized both through online calls and on-site visits, with a minimum of two full reviews of the technical design deliverables prepared by the local architect appointed by the client.

Brand Licensing

Not just the name

We go beyond brand rights, offering comprehensive support to co-create effective marketing strategies using the power of Pininfarina's image and brand, including its media platform and assets.

In implementing Brand Licensing, Pininfarina Architecture goes beyond granting rights to the Pininfarina name and brand. It proactively provides comprehensive support to clients and projects, leveraging the power of the Pininfarina image and brand. The focus is on co- creating an effective marketing and communication strategy, also leveraging Pininfarina’s media platform and assets, to successfully market the project.

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