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Formula 1 Lenovo Chinese Grand Prix 2024 - Pininfarina
April 19, 2024

Formula 1 Lenovo Chinese Grand Prix 2024

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    April 19, 2024

Lenovo gives the laurel wreath traditon a twist with technology for the Formula 1 Lenovo Chinese Grand Prix 2024

  • Combining Chinese dragon and laurel wreath elements, Lenovo elevates the F1® tradition with innovation

  • FORMULA 1 LENOVO CHINESE GRAND PRIX 2024 trophy unveiled today, who should it go to?

  • FORMULA 1 LENOVO CHINESE GRAND PRIX 2024 kicks off tomorrow, with the trophy officially unveiled today! April

    The FORMULA 1 LENOVO CHINESE GRAND PRIX 2024 kicks off tomorrow at the Shanghai International Circuit. At the 2024 Lenovo Tech World which has just ended today, the innovative F1® trophy created by Lenovo for the FORMULA 1 LENOVO CHINESE GRAND PRIX 2024 was officially unveiled. Blending technology, innovation and traditional cultural elements, the trophy not only highlights Lenovo’s role as Official Partner of Formula 1, but also pays a modern tribute to this motorsport heritage.

    The overall design of the trophy adopts a circular shape, inspired by the Chinese’s pursuit of “perfection - yuan man 圆满”, symbolizing perfection and happiness, and also reflecting the driver’s spirit of unremitting pursuit of perfection and victory on the track. This year coincides with the Year of the Dragon in China, and Lenovo has incorporated dragon elements into the trophy design. The twist in the circle is inspired by the movement of a dragon, while in the lit mode, the ”pulse” light pattern represents the breath of an awakening dragon.

    Not only that, but the gold-encrusted part of the trophy represents the laurel wreath of the past and its design pays homage to the F1 tradition of 1980’s and before: in the past, winning F1 drivers were presented with a laurel wreath that was worn around their necks, a tradition that continued into the 1980’s. In ancient Olympic Games, the winners were also awarded and wore an olive tree wreath that symbolized victory and honor.

    The trophy has a built-in sensor, and when the winning driver raises it over the head or wears it around the neck, the trophy lights up in a pattern called “Chase a loop”, symbolizing the speed of the F1 car on the track. In addition, the trophy is designed with three additional lighting modes.

    1. Spin around the trophy: The lights will flash around the trophy, representing the rotation of the F1 cars’ wheels as they go along.

    2. Revolve: Lights alternate in a surround manner, symbolizing the mutual transformation and balance of yin and yang.

    3. Pulse: It is like the breath of the dragon when it wakes up, symbolizing the dragon’s strength and vitality.

    This trophy was conceived by Lenovo and jointly developed and designed with Pininfarina, a world-renowned design company, and will be used at the FORMULA 1 LENOVO CHINESE GRAND PRIX 2024 that starts tomorrow, of which Lenovo is the Title Sponsor. During the design process, Lenovo’s creative team used Lenovo laptops, workstations, tablets, and monitors to conceive and create this one-of-a-kind trophy.

    For last year’s FORMULA 1 LENOVO JAPANESE GRAND PRIX 2023 and FORMULA 1 LENOVO UNITED STATES GRAND PRIX 2023, Lenovo also created the world’s first kiss-activate trophy: when the winning driver kisses the trophy, the trophy lights up with the national flag of the country to which it belongs, surprising drivers and fans around the world with innovative, aesthetics and traditional elements.

    “This year, we challenged ourselves to elevate another classic F1 tradition through meaningful design and smarter technology”, says Philip Marchington, Executive Creative Director of Corporate Marketing, Lenovo. “It was also important for us to create a trophy that reflected local Chinese culture.” explains Marchington.

    “It was honor for us to design once again a beautiful and meaningful trophy for Lenovo. Our design process aimed at creating a balance between heritage and technology to reward the winners in this glorious sport.” comments Paolo Trevisan, SVP of Design for Pininfarina.

    As an Official Technology Partner of Formula 1, Lenovo is committed to improving race operations, enhancing fan engagement, and making Formula 1 a faster, smarter and more sustainable sport through cutting-edge technologies and services.