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Pininfarina wins four 2023 Good Design Award - Pininfarina
January 18, 2024

Pininfarina wins four 2023 Good Design Award

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    January 18, 2024

Pininfarina wins four 2023 Good Design Award

The Chicago Athenaeum has proclaimed the Holon people mover, the Icona photo booth cabin, the Bosch GSR – 90C Professional drill, and the Kronotech KP-10 access control device winners of the 2023 Good Design Award in the categories of Transportation, Safety and Security, and Tools.

The Good Design Award is the oldest and most prestigious international recognition that annually honors the best designers for their commitment to creating innovative and cutting-edge products. The design program is organized by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture in collaboration with the European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies. Pininfarina was awarded by the 2023 Good Design Award jury for its ability to design innovative and functional solutions, thanks to its multidisciplinary expertise.

HOLON is an electric, autonomous people mover that combines sustainability, inclusion, comfort, and safety. Unveiled at CES 2023 in Las Vegas, the vehicle captures attention with an asymmetrical shape that blends maximum functionality with immediate recognizability. The mover is designed with ample space to accommodate a maximum of fifteen passengers. It is intended to be inclusive, featuring electric double-wing doors with photoelectric sensors and an automatic ramp with lowering function for barrier-free access. The automatic securing of wheelchairs inside the vehicle combines comfort and safety. Braille information and audio-visual guidance provide support for visually impaired individuals during journey.

ICONA is the new photo booth machine designed by Pininfarina for Dedem, focusing on three main aspects: a simple and immediate user experience, adaptability to different urban contexts, and accessibility. The new cabin is the result of the intersection of three volumes, providing a sense of momentum and lightness to the structure while allowing for customization and harmonious integration in both indoor and outdoor spaces. The interior features elements enhancing the experience, such as a full-wall mirror that creates a sense of spaciousness and comfort. The user interface has been completely redesigned and digitized to be more intuitive and user-friendly, with new touch screen displays replacing physical buttons, ensuring a fast and intuitive navigation flow.

BOSCH GSR 18V – 90C Professional, part of the Bosch 18v Drills range, was designed by Pininfarina, which introduced new elements and details to enable greater product manoeuvrability. Conceived incorporate a compact housing and a powerful motor, its design includes ventilation holes on the outer part to facilitate the best airflow, ensuring the motor’s best performance. Pininfarina, thanks to its expertise in User Experience and product design, has created for the new Bosch product a design characterized by curves and surfaces that improve ergonomics while conferring an elegant and robust style. A mix of textures and grooves in the rubber part ensures a better grip, while buttons and rings facilitate simple and precise use.

KRONOTECH KP-10 is an access control device designed by Pininfarina for Kronotech, combining innovation, design, and functionality. The new product stands out for its cutting-edge technology, multifunctionality, customization, and high integration with other systems. Pininfarina developed KP-10 to make it intuitive and easy to use, ensuring a userfriendly interaction thanks to its simplified and functional interface. The design chosen for KP-10 is essential but iconic, combining simple and geometric lines on the front and more sophisticated surfaces on the sides. The concave style that characterized the device focuses user’s attention on the centre of the product and promotes intuitive interaction. The number of components is minimized to simplify installation. KP-10 is part of a line where each product is designed to maximise the use of recycled materials (up to 60% on the main components) for a more sustainable production.

With these prestigious awards, Pininfarina reaffirms its leadership in developing projects that seamlessly blend style, functionality, and sustainability across multiple sectors, thanks to its multidisciplinary and integrated expertise.