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Buddy Davis 47 - Pininfarina

Buddy Davis 47

Buddy Davis 47 Design by Pininfarina Combines Performance and Comfort in an Outstanding Nautical Experience
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    Buddy Davis
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Buddy Davis 47 Design by Pininfarina
The Project

Performance and Comfort

Buddy Davis Yacht presents at the 2023 Miami Boat Show its new model Buddy Davis 47 design by Pininfarina. Maintaining the integrity of the Buddy Davis brand, Pininfarina realized a design that prioritizes performance, comfort and overall, an outstanding nautical experience. he Buddy Davis 47 Design by Pininfarina offers a new layout designed to maximize the fishing experience and enhance passenger comfort for a relaxing day at sea. he Buddy Davis 47 Design by Pininfarina offers a new layout designed to maximize the fishing experience and enhance passenger comfort for a relaxing day at sea. At the console's bow, a high-end seating area equipped with luxurious daybeds provides a perfect vantage point for basking in the sunshine, complete with a fold-up table for food, drinks, or games. Closer to the console's helm, a covered seating area accommodates up to six passengers, with special attention paid to the design of the captain’s space. The cockpit well is bait-integrated with forward fold-down seating on both the port and starboard sides, with a hidden fender storage behind. Additionally, the helm's digital experience will provide the captain with seamless control over the cruising data required for navigation with state-of-the-art Garmin touch-screen technology. The new Center Console design also features a fully equipped bar, as well as a sliding fold-up outdoor television, and can easily accommodate a retractable shade at either the helm or the bow, which offers additional comfort and sun protection. Recessed storage lockers are positioned throughout the boat, along with grab rails, for added safety. The console is fully customizable, with an endless array of hull graphics and colors, as well as premium upholstery and finish options to deliver a totally personalized experience.

The Way

Designed for Superior Ride and Handling

Designed for superior ride and handling, boats from Buddy Davis Yachts are for the serious fisherman, with next-level fishing amenities from bow to stern. The new Buddy Davis Center Console features the brand's iconic console hulls, coupled with an all-new custom-designed deck and helm to underscore Pininfarina’s signature nautical experience –– reflecting an iconic automotive heritage and Italian design legacy, defined by smooth lines and proportions together with high end finishes. Reimagining the stern to offer greater flexibility and functionality, the console features an innovative bulwark design that allows for disjointed sections to be folded and opened with ease –– increasing the size of the swim platform, which is served by a retractable passerelle that doubles as a five-step swim ladder. This inventive approach increases the number of available seating options, while ensuring the Center Console is well-equipped with both the clearance and space needed to enjoy a day on the water.

The Idea

An Elegant and Innovative Boat Model

The Buddy Davis brand known for its high-performance fishing boats and with this unexpected collaboration, Pininarina built upon that legacy to enhance the existing Buddy Davis values and together created an elegant, innovative, and beautiful new fishing boat model that remains true to the brand's identity while incorporating the aesthetic ethos that hallmarks Pininfarina design. Buddy Davis has an unmatched reputation in the sportfishing industry for its refined silhouettes and superior performance capabilities, and this exciting collaboration presented a unique opportunity for Pininfarina to infuse that legacy with our distinct design ethos with playful Italian influences. The result of Pininfarina's collaboration with Buddy Davis is a console concept that is equally apt for sportfishing as it is for a leisurely day on the water.