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Formula 1 Lenovo United States and Japan Grand Prix 2023 - Pininfarina

Formula 1 Lenovo United States and Japan Grand Prix 2023

Lenovo infused the trophy with smarter technology and elevated tradition by creating the world’s 1st trophy designed to react when kissed.
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    Brand Licensing
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    Austin and Suzuka
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Lenovo elevates F1® tradition with world’s 1st kiss activated trophy
The Project

A Testament to the Unparalleled Excellence and Aspiration of the Sport

Pininfarina wanted to craft an exquisite trophy that embodies more than just the victory of winning an F1 Grand Prix; it's a testament to the unparalleled excellence and aspiration of the sport. The trophy's main silhouette is drawn from the intricate yet stunning shapes of F1 cars, such as the engine cover. This primary form, however, is only the beginning. It's masterfully fused with a distinctive parametric pattern that permits light to filter through, creating a singular and vibrant "alive" effect. The shimmering illumination is carefully manipulated to reveal the driver's national colors, symbolizing not only personal triumph but a connection to heritage and pride. This design serves as a timeless reminder of the racer's unique achievement, linking the sleek finesse of the vehicle to the glory of the race. It's not just a trophy; it's an emblem of success, precision, and honor within the world of Formula One.

The Way

Symbolizing the Blistering Speed of an F1 Car

The parametric pattern gracefully stretches across the entire trophy, symbolizing the blistering speed of an F1 car. Intricately designed, this pattern mirrors the dynamic evolution of Lenovo's logo container. This ascending motif doesn't just adorn; it envelopes the trophy, infusing it with a sense of momentum and progress reminiscent of the very essence of Formula One. Through this design, we've endeavored to create a bridge between technology and sport, exemplifying not only speed but also innovation and legacy.
The primary material of the trophy is Aluminum 6061, meticulously CNC-machined from a singular block to sculpt its distinctive shape. To ensure optimal light diffusion, it incorporates acrylic light pipes. This combination of precision engineering and material choices not only celebrates the winner's achievements but also reflects the dedication and technical prowess that defines the sport of Formula One.

The Idea

Racing, particularly Formula 1, is intricately woven into the fabric of Pininfarina—it's part of its very DNA. In Italy, passion for F1 is unparalleled, with the 'tifosi' fervently supporting Scuderia Ferrari. From the outset, Pininfarina has shared a rich partnership with them, a bond forged in the crucible of speed and design. Pininfarina team's ardor for racing has only grown, especially since the debut of the Miami GP in 2022. To share a slice of Pininfarina storied history: The founder of Pininfarina, Battista Farina, was the uncle of Giuseppe “Nino” Farina. Nino etched his name in the annals of racing history as the first driver to clinch both an F1 Race and the F1 Championship in 1950, driving an Alfa Romeo. It gives Pininfarina immense pride and joy to sustain its relationship with F1, cherishing a legacy that spans over eight decades since his monumental victory.