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Materia Rugs Collection - Pininfarina

Materia Rugs Collection

Exploring new frontiers in the sectors of high-end carpets
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Idea, Luce e Acqua
The Project

Pininfarina and Sahrai together to explore new frontiers in the sectors of high-end carpets.

The collaboration with Sahrai Milano, leader in innovation and in the exploration of new frontiers in the sectors of high-end carpets, marks the debut for Pininfarina in the design of this product category.

The Way

Innovation and High Quality Craftmanship

These new carpets and the adoption of new components reveal the approach to design based on constant research, and the ability to combine innovation and high quality craftmanship, values that characterize Pininfarina and Sahrai Milano.

The Idea

Discovering New Scenarios

The Materia Collection was conceived with the aim of discovering new scenarios through the integration of materials never used in this sector, such as wood and bright inserts on carpets. The rugs: Idea, Luce e Acqua arehand-tufted in bamboo silk, wool, and bamboo silk in relief.