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Segno Outdoor - Pininfarina

Segno Outdoor

An outdoor version that redefines the concept of outdoor furniture
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The Project

A New Vision for Segno

Reflex presents Segno, its most iconic sofa in an outdoor edition with new colours and textures. Segno has a modular structure thta recallls the elegance and functionality of a yacht deck with its wooden slats. The structure is made of solid surface, while the texture and fabrics used are inspired by the nautical world with soft shades that recreate the relaxing and sophisticated atmosphere on board. Outdoor Segno is available in the linear version with two and three seats and in the format with integrated sunbathing station.

The Way


Reflex and Pininfarina conceived Segno outdoor taking inspiration from the nautical world. The textures and colours have soft and warm nuances, recreating the on board experience and perfectly integrate into the exterior environment. Segno keeps its unique design while the materials adapt to the exterior environment conditions. The structure is made of solid surface, suitable to resist extreme weather conditions while the fabrics are designed to be water-proof still keeping an elegant and sophisticated line. Segno presents different configurations in terms colour choice with a high level of customization.