The service portfolio of Pininfarina Deutschland covers the entire vehicle development process and involves the effective integration of local engineering expertise within the Pininfarina Group.


Styling concepts and functional engineering solutions

In the automotive sector, Pininfarina covers the entire value chain, from vehicle styling to complete development including modeling, virtual reality, show cars, innovative packaging solutions at the system and component levels, prototype development, and small series production.

  • Body in White
  • Interior
  • Exterior
  • Architecture and Integration
  • Digitalization and Processes

Body in White

Body-in-white Structures for the vehicles of today and tomorrow
  • Efficient structures in steel, aluminum and fiber reinforced materials

  • Development of various framework concepts

  • Crash-optimized design including virtual validation

  • Consideration of all common types of connection

  • Modular design of frame and body structures

  • Weight optimization of components in different materials

  • Design of intrusion-resistant structures


Development of vehicle interior space
  • Innovative dashboard modules for digital applications

  • Integration of screens and displays

  • Reduced-botton consoles with touchpads

  • Ambient lighting solutions

  • Functional and aesthetic upholstery

  • Development of components on all types of surfaces, from plastic to leather

  • Integration of passive safety devices

  • Seats for series production and sport derivatives, including metal structures

  • Design of the components in sustainable materials, including virtual validation


  • Doors and flaps made of different materials

  • Integration of sensors and cameras for autonomous driving

  • Development of bumpers according to safety requirements

  • Light and sight including cleaning systems

  • Innovative modular roof systems

  • Mirror systems with integrated functions

  • Manual and electric opening and closing systems

  • Integration of country-specific charging ports

Architecture and Integration

  • Conceptual design and validation of styling concepts

  • Geometrical validation of legal, customer and homologation requirements

  • Integration, feasability, and ergonomic validation

  • Development of design-related component concepts

  • Integration of hybrid applications

  • MNU data management, interface management

  • Digital assessment of assembly

  • Detailed layout of vehicle geometry

Digitalization and Processes

Agile Development of Workflow Management 

  • Process Analysis and optimization of business processes 

  • Solution oriented software development “Pain Points”

Artificial Intelligence 

  • Machine Learning – Reinforcement Learning (AWS)

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

  • AI-supported Operation (Ticket classification)


  • Digital Transformation

  • DevOps & Agile Development

  • Cloud

  • Root-Cause-Analysis

  • Release Management

  • Transition Management

AR/VR Prototyping

  • Product Development