The service portfolio of Pininfarina Deutschland covers the entire vehicle development process and involves the effective integration of local engineering expertise within the Pininfarina Group.

We move dreams

In the automotive sector, Pininfarina covers the entire value chain, from vehicle styling to complete development including modeling, virtual reality, show cars, innovative packaging solutions at the system and component levels, prototype development, and small series production. In its offices in Munich and Böblingen (Stuttgart), this broad range of services benefits from the expertise of over 133 highly skilled employees, organized to ensure proximity to the customer, rapid response times, and efficient and innovative project implementation.

Our history

  • 1991
  • 2006
  • 2013
  • 2018
  • 2023


Founding of Pininfarina Deutschland

Through the acquisition of Erich Sollner KG, Pininfarina Deutschland GmbH in Renningen near Stuttgart becomes a subsidiary of the Italian Pininfarina S.p.A


Reorganisation and founding of MPX Entwicklung GmbH
  • August 2006, incorporation of the Munich branch office MSX International into the Pininfarina Group under the new name mpx Entwicklung GmbH in Munich

  • December 2006, relocation of the headquarter Pininfarina Deutschland GmbH from Renningen to Leonberg

  • June 2007, start of mpx as branch office of Pininfarina Deutschland at location Leonberg

  • April 2008, founding of mpx Entwicklung GmbH in Leonberg

  • May 2008, Pininfarina Deutschland becomes Holding and transfers the business to its wholly owned subsidiaries – mpx Entwicklung GmbH in Munich and mpx Entwicklung GmbH in Leonberg


MPX Entwicklung becomes Pininfarina Deutschland

October 2013, the two subsidiaries of MPX Entwicklung GmbH in Munich and Stuttgart merge to Pininfarina Deutschland GmbH, headquartered in Munich.


In July 2018 David Gagliardi takes over management as new CEO.


In January 2023 Christian G. Krinner takes over management as new CEO.

Sector of intervention

  • Body in White
  • Interior
  • Exterior
  • Architecture and Integration
  • Digitalization and Processes

Body in White

Body-in-white Structures for the vehicles of today and tomorrow
  • Efficient structures in steel, aluminum and fiber reinforced materials

  • Development of various framework concepts

  • Crash-optimized design including virtual validation

  • Consideration of all common types of connection

  • Modular design of frame and body structures

  • Weight optimization of components in different materials

  • Design of intrusion-resistant structures


Development of vehicle interior space
  • Innovative dashboard modules for digital applications

  • Integration of screens and displays

  • Reduced-botton consoles with touchpads

  • Ambient lighting solutions

  • Functional and aesthetic upholstery

  • Development of components on all types of surfaces, from plastic to leather

  • Integration of passive safety devices

  • Seats for series production and sport derivatives, including metal structures

  • Design of the components in sustainable materials, including virtual validation


  • Doors and flaps made of different materials

  • Integration of sensors and cameras for autonomous driving

  • Development of bumpers according to safety requirements

  • Light and sight including cleaning systems

  • Innovative modular roof systems

  • Mirror systems with integrated functions

  • Manual and electric opening and closing systems

  • Integration of country-specific charging ports

Architecture and Integration

  • Conceptual design and validation of styling concepts

  • Geometrical validation of legal, customer and homologation requirements

  • Integration, feasability, and ergonomic validation

  • Development of design-related component concepts

  • Integration of hybrid applications

  • MNU data management, interface management

  • Digital assessment of assembly

  • Detailed layout of vehicle geometry

Digitalization and Processes

Agile Development of Workflow Management 

  • Process Analysis and optimization of business processes 

  • Solution oriented software development “Pain Points”

Artificial Intelligence 

  • Machine Learning – Reinforcement Learning (AWS)

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

  • AI-supported Operation (Ticket classification)


  • Digital Transformation

  • DevOps & Agile Development

  • Cloud

  • Root-Cause-Analysis

  • Release Management

  • Transition Management

AR/VR Prototyping

  • Product Development

Our services are certified

Achieving and obtaining the necessary certifications is an important matter for us as customer benefit and constant quality improvement.

Through our integrated management system, we are able to prove the requirements of the following certificates:

  • DIN EN ISO 9001:2015


Pininfarina Germany

Christian Krinner

Managing Director

Bernd A. Bauer

Head of Sales

Hans Ramatschi

Vice President Engineering

Sandra Dax

Vice President Business Development

Christian Krinner

Managing Director

Bernd A. Bauer

Head of Sales

Hans Ramatschi

Vice President Engineering

Sandra Dax

Vice President Business Development
Christian Krinner
Managing Director

Christian Krinner joined Pininfarina Deutschland GmbH in 2023 as Managing Director – Finance

He can draw on a wide range of experience in various industries. After being with Siemens and DZ-Bank, Christian started his career in the media sector at a Bertelsmann branch, then accompanied the IPO of Helkon Media AG, where he was responsible for controlling and established the group reporting. Subsequently, he was involved in the restructuring of Wittur Group where he was responsible for various strategic projects. After a detour into the PE world, Christian integrated Bovo Spa into the Papier-Mettler Group and led the company as CFO for four years before he successfully managed the carve-out of montratec GmbH as CFO for Rantum Capital. For Charterhouse Capital he managed projects for the CFO office at Bartec before he was called for the now successfully completed restructuring of CySa-Pak GmbH.

Christian studied at the University of Augusburg and THI Ingolstadt, where he graduated in business administration. He is fluent in German, English and Italian.

In his spare time Christian is keen on sports, interested in arts and chairing a NGO running day-care centers.

Bernd A. Bauer
Head of Sales
Hans Ramatschi
Vice President Engineering

Bringing over 25 years of automotive development expertise to Pininfarina Deutschland, Hans Ramatschi assumes the crucial role of Vice President Engineering. With a background starting as a component developer in a design office, Hans ascended to the role of CTO at a global development service provider. He has been part of Pininfarina formerly and has spent many years in companies like RONAL, Webasto, Mpx and SEGULA. His expertise spans establishing, restructuring, and managing business areas with P&L responsibility, process development, digitalization, and leadership with a span of 250+ individuals across various levels and international collaboration.

Sandra Dax
Vice President Business Development

Sandra Dax, assuming the role of Vice President for Business Development at Pininfarina Deutschland, brings a wealth of experience to the position. Having completed her business administration studies at Landshut University of Applied Sciences, Sandra initiated her career at BMW in Munich, holding diverse management positions in Finance, Strategy, Sales, and Business Development across Germany, Austria, Italy, and globally. In November 2020, she transitioned to SAP SE as Global VP - Business Development Automotive and Industrial Machinery and Components. Since May 2021, Sandra has served as Co-Founder/Co-CEO of AnAttitude, specializing in digitalization, new business models, and automotive transformation. Sandra Dax was on the Supervisory Board of AUTODOC from August 2021 until September 2022. She was then appointed Co-CEO in October 2022 and moved back to the Supervisory Board as per hercontract in October 2023.