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Aldea Uh May - Pininfarina

Aldea Uh May

A new model of conscious living that celebrates the locale’s rich biodiversity.
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  • Kategorie
    Urban Design
  • Kunde
    Aldea Uh May
  • Ort
    Tulum, MX
  • Jahr
A new model of concept living.
The project

A connection with nature

The community of Aldea Uh May is a masterplan of a 20-hectare development, situated along the outer ring of Tulum in the small artisan town of Francisco Uh May. It is emerging from the heart of the jungle as a new model of conscious living. Balancing the innate human desire for aconnection with nature, Aldea Uh May will boast over 22,000 square feet (2,044 square meters) of indoor and outdoor wellness-oriented lifestyle space seamlessly woven into the untamed jungle. Amenities include Community Harvest, Botanical, Medical & Edible Gardens, River Pool and Lap Pool, Health & Healing Wellness Centre, Alternative Medicine Spa, Active Centre, Lounge Deck, Reflection Gardens, Food Hall, Learning Bridge and Event/Forum Amphitheatre.

The way

Biodiversity, Heritage and Technology

Inspired by Aldea Uh May’s unique context, Pininfarina’s concept celebrates the locale’s rich biodiversity, honours its Mayan heritage, and heralds the power of wellbeing throughout all aspects of living. Employing a holistic and human-centred approach, Pininfarina uniquely translates the ethos of Aldea Uh May into a timeless and thoughtful brand. Rooted in its sense of place, Pininfarina’s inventive sensibilities and keen attention to detail bring Aldea Uh May to life through a framework that will foster human connection, emotion, and meaningfulness for years to come.

Merging its mastery of design with the innovative use of technology, Pininfarina’s artistic direction for Aldea Uh May’s masterplan is styled around the patterns of organization found in nature, establishing a socially and environmentally conscious community where the experience of coexisting takes on a completely different meaning. Repositioning the development through this lens, Pininfarina’s reimagined design vernacular will exit through Aldea Uh May’s entire organic structure –– focusing on the restyled welcoming entrance experience, shared streets, landscape guidelines, as well as the amenities spaces, which will one day play host to arts and culture exhibitions poised to rival the world’s most premier festivals.

The way

A balanced and interconnected future

The pioneering new development envisions a balanced and interconnected future throughout all aspects of living, rooted in sustainability, inclusiveness, and resilience. Pininfarina oversaw the artistic direction for the masterplan of the 20-hectare development, designing a proprietary transportation and mobility network, as well as various clusters of health-oriented amenity and public spaces, to support the community’s over 120 multi-family and single-family residential lots. Pininfarina’s strategic blueprint for the property preserves more than 40% of the existing jungle landscape, intended to further elevate and unify Aldea Uh May’s focus around the symbiotic coexistence of technology and nature. The resulting, first-of-its-kind destination for conscious, mindful living will serve as a steward for both the built and the natural environment.