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Pininfarina Architecture design is characterized by the equation Beauty + Technology = Impact. In interior design projects, beauty, in Pininfarina’s vision, once integrated with technology, has the aim of maximizing the physical and mental well-being of its occupants, while generating a continuous interaction between man and space.

Pininfarina’s tradition in the field of interior design stems from the creation of the interiors of the most beautiful sports cars ever. Over time, Pininfarina has been able to transfer its automotive know-how to the world of home design, generating a unique style characterized by soft, flowing lines, functionality and innovation.

Designing an interior Pininfarina does not only consider the aesthetic part, but aims to stimulate new and different ways of experiencing space, making every space really memorable and transforming public spaces into important destinations.


What the Pininfarina Architecture team currently seeks to do is to implement strategies in the field of interior design, aimed at providing a physical environment that optimizes cognitive and emotional health or, in other words, researching how to improve the indoor quality focusing on the well-being of future users. As much as the modern society pays more attention to the lifestyle making the ‘prevention’ of ill-health as important as the ‘cure’, Pininfarina interior design focuses on taking care of an end-user through creating the best indoor qualities.

Since high quality interiors can be considered a key element in supporting mental wellbeing, which, in turn, affects physiological health, the Pininfarina research in the field of interior design could be divided into two main directions: how to improve the physical qualities of space and how to recreate moments that enhance mental comfort.

Referring to the physical space qualities, thanks to the technologies developed in the past decades, we may better manage the factors that previously were beyond our control. Today we may guarantee clean air to breathe, pure water to drink, the right illumination aiming to minimize disruption to the body’s circadian system, good thermal and acoustic conditions for one’s comfort. The implementation of such systems is what Pininfarina presently proposes in any interior design project.


Pininfarina interiors are characterized not only by the team’s approach to defining a space and creating a unique path. One of the key elements that reflects the company’s philosophy and distinguishes its interiors is the Pininfarina Home Design collection: a collection of furniture, kitchens and some fixtures and materials.

The Pininfarina Home Design collection represents a journey into the exploration of new scenarios, a journey into the domestic space in which Pininfarina has combined, for the first time, its heritage in furniture design with its innovative style in architecture and interiors.

The home design collection aims at imagining and creating interior solutions with a unique and distinctive character, in which the design of the space blends naturally with the personality of the furniture. Form and function integrate to give shape to spaces designed for a contemporary lifestyle, creating a path made of design, innovation, custom-tailoring, luxury, Italian style.



Pininfarina Architecture operates in different sectors with the same approach aimed to create projects characterized by a unique identity.


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