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Today’s change is tomorrow’s opportunity – Preparing for the future by selling the experience

Giovanni Marazita, Lead UX/UI designer 

Until yesterday the meaning of the word “experience” was quite different for the digital and physical worlds. Today more than ever this word takes on a unique meaning in order to survive the continuous behavioral change of consumers and the exponential growth of technologies.

Understand change

Nowadays the world’s largest digital companies like Google and Amazon move to create physical products and acquire physical retailers, while the world’s largest industrial companies like GE and ABB are reinventing themselves as digital companies. Whatever the reading order is, the main insight for businesses is that the combination between physical and digital is now the new frontier of innovation.

Connecting the two worlds, it is needless to talk about physical activities and then think of digital ones, or vice versa. You must seek for contamination, what it does with how it does it!

The way we interact with technology is quickly moving from the simple screens in our hands into the physical world around us. Smart homes, autonomous cars, smart healthcare, and wearables are just some of the connected products currently dominating this topic, with a predicted 50 billion connected products in market by 2020.

Collaborate to change 

Mix the skills in your organization to provide a future-proof fully integrated service blending a fundamental aspect, the human-centered design — a management framework that develops solutions to problems by involving the human perspective in all steps of the problem-solving process. A holistic product or service experience vision that creates an emotional connection, supports it through first use, and never fail delivering on its promise.

The role of experience designers (UX, CX, Service Designer, Strategy, etc…) will increasingly be crucial (not only in the digital field) and collaborating more and more with car designers, product designers, engineers, city planners, industrial designers, architects, interior designers and many more.

Pininfarina, physical and digital under one roof  

In Pininfarina this fundamental issue has been considered, starting first internally and then by offering it to customers. Starting from an integrated work process offering a phygital product, service and environmental experience. Break down functional silos and integrate designers with other functions. Features and benefits:

  • Shared understanding and insights
  • Holistic vision
  • Different perspectives
  • Integrated experience and aesthetic design
  • Rapid feedback testing

This skills’ contamination for conceiving a holistic and fully integrated end-to-end customer experience. In Pininfarina, this creates a unique internal ecosystem, where the main language that links everyone is Design, with its different dialects. The extensive experience of Pininfarina in the automotive and product industry and its ability of creating beautiful design is now merged with the digital interaction in order to provide an immersive and memorable experience.

What’s next scenario…

In an increasingly connected world affected by demographic changes and an exponential growth of technologies, phygital experiences can be added to the value of human or physical enhancements. So the next scenario is the connected experience – Today’s customers expect every brand interaction to be a connected experience that reflects their actions and behaviors, being consistent across touchpoints. In fact, according to a research provided by Salesforce about the expectations on integrated customer experiences, 80% of customers say the experience a company provides is as important (sometimes more) as its products and services.

Data and insights: Salesforce / KPMG / Nielsen

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