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The project

Spaces conceived for a contemporary lifestyle

Pininfarina Home Design project, the home interiors according to Pininfarina, acquires new elements and unveils them as a world preview at the Milan Furniture Fair. Two new partners participated in their design: Res, which introduces a new concept of flexible door, and Morfeus,which displays a collection dedicated to high-tech sleep systems. After contributing to the creation of a coordinated system for the living room, Reflex widens its line-up by launching innovative products for the sleeping area.

Pininfarina Home Design embodies Pininfarina’s vision of interior space, which takes tangible form in a furniture collection and proposals for the different rooms of a home, combined with Pininfarina’s capacity to design architectural interiors characterised by a unique, sophisticated and innovative style.


Pininfarina Home Design represents a journey in exploring new scenarios. A journey into the Home Space in which we have combined, for the first time, our heritage in furniture design with our innovative style in architecture and interiors. To imagine and realize solutions for interiors with a unique and distinctive character, in which the design of the space naturally marries the personality of the furniture. To give life to experiences in which form and function are integrated. To give shape to spaces conceived for a contemporary lifestyle. A journey made of design, innovation, custom-tailoring, luxury, Italian style. A journey to raise emotion and to create value for our international partners.

Paolo Pininfarina - Chairman of the Pininfarina Group

The way

Home space where aesthetics and functionality are integrated

The project was created in collaboration with partners of excellence that will support us with their extensive experience: Reflex for Living, Snaidero for Kitchens, CasalgrandePadana for Tiles.

Living with Reflex

Reflex and Pininfarina present in world premiere Segno Collection, an integrated Living system that includes a modular sofa, a table, a cabinet, a bookcase and two lighting systems.

The Collection is characterized by pure and elegant lines, by dynamic shapes that evolving in the space give shape to new functions.

The use of copper is a further trait d’union that, combined with the walnut Canaletto wood, confer a unique and distinctive character to the Collection.

Kitchens with Snaidero

Ola20, Idea and Ola25, the last jewels of the collaboration that tied Snaidero and Pininfarina for over 25 years will be the proposals for the kitchen space of the project.

In the Pininfarina apartment into the Reflex Showroom the Idea will be showcased in a customized version dedicated to the project.

Tiles with Casalgrande Padana

The Tile System Earth by Pininfarina will be the proposal for the ceramic surfaces of the project. Earth by Pininfarina is a Collection of tiles characterized by the texture of the porcelain with a multisensory effect and sophisticated decors inspired by the car design tradition. A customized composition of ceramics and decors has been studied for the presentation of the project. The whole Earth by Pininfarina Collection is available at the Creative Centre Milano in Foro Bonaparte 74. The expertise of Pininfarina architects in the design of the residential interiors, but also in the private architecture, in the hospitality and in the luxury venues complete the project adding strength and coherence to the offer.

Res, the door reinvented

Flexi embodies a new concept of door: it is the first ever flexible door, the standard bearer of the purest essentiality. A trailblazing project that combines the extensive experience acquired by Res in the design of interior doors with Pininfarina’s elegance and unmistakable style. Putting a prize on integration and flexibility, this innovative product is destined to change the very notion of door. By making use of an unprecedented technology, Wood-Skin®Inside, the product gets rid of the hinges and takes shape as an uninterrupted surface.

Innovation is the keyword: the body of the door becomes one with the jambs, generating a highly integrated system, made possible by a special milling technique that gives panels the ability to bend. With this process,rigid materials get a new life, as their form evolves from flat to three-dimensional, like an origami. Flexi explores new horizons for interior door design with all the elegance, the purity and innovative contents that come with Pininfarina’sdistinctive design.

Morfeus, high-tech ways to sleep better

For the first time at Milan’s FuoriSalone, with a fully dedicated event, Morfeus presents Fluxair, a collection styled by Pininfarina that makes use of high-tech systems to ensure a good night’s sleep and superior wellbeing. This is the first collection to benefit from the technology of the materials of which the mattresses are made to keep the cell regeneration process active throughout the sleeping period, help neutralise the oxidising action of free radicals, thereby slowing cellular ageing, stabilise the temperature of the body, and improve circulation with an effective cardio-vascular preventive action.

Thanks to the special synergy attained by research into advanced mattress materials, ergonomic design, sleep physiology and Pininfarina design, FluxAir mattresses have established new reference standards and serve as advocates and ambassadors of excellence in research and Italian manufacturing skills and design the world over.

Reflex, the Segno bed

The Segno collection developed by Reflex for Pininfarina Home Design extends from the Living area to the bedroom. Debuting in Milan is a bed with a unique personality, conceived for the most refined and stylish home environments. The Pininfarina team, in fact, has worked to give the product dynamic and sensual lines that get across a vivid impression of lightness.

The Segno bed is comprised of two independent structures: suspended on the horizontal shell that houses the mattressis a vertical element that serves as headboard, slightly enveloping at either end. Painstaking selection of the upholstery materials – dark brown leather for the exterior and fabric for the interior – emphasises the contrast between the surfaces. Metal feet, of essential design, tend to disappear in the volume of the structure. Unmistakable is the reference to the design of car bodies: the exterior, with a plastic effect, communicates protection, while the interior, with a softer feel, gets across an impression of comfort and welcoming.


Pininfarina's way to Architecture

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