A public space that takes advantage of the local climate and environment

The project

An urban space to defeat climate change

URBAN LOUNGE realized in partnership with Indexlab, Eco 2 Zone, Exgineering, Design Differente, Eurocooling  is conceived as a responsive public space that takes advantage of the specific local climate and by the surrounding environment to maximize user comfort and implement active microclimate mitigation strategies of microclimate mitigation.

Exploring how urban outdoor can be managed to brake climate change, the installation improves outdoor comfort by introducing passive and active strategies that are tailored to local climate conditions.

The way

A new concept of plastic

The entire structure is made through the use of recycled and recyclable plastic. The cladding, the substructure and the integrated furnishings of the installation will be realized through design for manufacturing methodology and digital fabrication. A recycled plastic fiber will be 3D printed to shape the fluid lines of the structure embedding them with the natural environment.

Main components of the installation are arranged around a magnificent tree to contribute, in a connection between link nature and technology, to improve the quality of the surrounding environment through an urban air purifier, a water nebulizer and a circadian lighting system.

The urban air purifier contributes to the renewal of the air by absorbing toxic substances; the water misting system keeps the environment wet, promoting plant growth and lowering the perceived temperature.

The audio system emits sounds and images aimed at educating visitors to a more conscious use and plastic consumption.

The idea

Extraordinary resource for a more sustainable future

The entire structure is made through the use of recycled and recyclable plastics. The goal is to demonstrate that plastic materials do not generate negative externalities as such, but instead can be extraordinary resources for a more sustainable future. The main culprit of pollution is not the plastic itself, but its misuse and abuse. The exhibition aims to educate to a no-waste behavior and to overturn the general opinion about plastic using design to transform waste into pure emotions.

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