The Project

Expressing emotions through design

As words are the way writers communicate with readers, an effective design language is one of the most powerful tools companies use to communicate value and quality in an emotional way to customers. Since visual communication is exceptionally complicated, Vinsmart (part of the largest conglomerate in Vietnam), gave Pininfarina the responsibility of defining the specific design identity of different product categories: Small Appliances, IoT Devices and Smartphones.

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The Way

Transforming Brand Identity into Product Experiences

A robust design language is the foundation of a product and portfolio identity. For this reason, Pininfarina has defined, together with Vinsmart, the hero products to be used as the fulcrum from which to develop a range of lines of smart devices.


In the Small Appliances category, Pininfarina worked closely with the R&D department of Vinsmart to design an innovative and highly technologic air purifier. Willing to communicate, in a clear and consistent way, the highly advanced features of its air purifier, Pininfarina studied a design expression of minimalism and innovation, identifying the stylistic guidelines for all future Vinsmart products in the same category.


Tangible and intangible interactions have a fundamental role in IoT devices and for that reason Pininfarina started the project with field research with different end-users to gain insights on needs and behaviors and explore the correct definition of the HMI through the use of physical prototypes and different digital interfaces. Once the overall experience was identified, Pininfarina leveraged on its design capabilities to define an iconic design and extend it to the entire product line.


Smartphones belong to a highly undifferentiated and competitive market. For this reason, before starting the design, it was fundamental to begin the process by conducting a research to identify the multiple user clusters and find, for each of them, the right balance between price, costs, and desired characteristics in terms of design, materials and technological features. From the collaborative work with Vinsmart, Pininfarina identified specific features for the different clusters, created the design of the forerunner smartphone and defined the rules and guidelines for the full smartphone collection, to be developed in family feeling with the first-born.

The Idea

Generate real impact through design

First impressions count. The products and the guidelines developed by Pininfarina allowed Vinsmart to face the market with a consistent and recognizable identity, distinguishing itself within a highly competitive market. Through this strategic collaboration, Vinsmart converged its technological capabilities with Pininfarina’s design, attracting the attention of a large number of visitors to its stand at the Tech Awards 2020, in which it was honoured as the Best Vietnamese Phone Brand.

Pininfarina's way to Appliances and Smart Devices

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