Brand identity and design language: key factors to build fulfilling experiences in the automotive industry.

Carlo Bonzanigo, Senior Vice President Business Unit Design

Nowadays OEMs are facing the new challenge of creating overall experiences able to emotionally involve their clients. If yesterday the goal was to create desirable cars in terms of aesthetics and performance, today it is a matter of building an articulated universe of values able to fulfill the needs and desires of the client. The experience is a journey involving different touch-points that the future car users will meet on the way through the purchase and the use of the new car. It starts with the brand universe of the OEM made of values, positioning and style. Continues with the omnichannel strategy that accompanies the client through the purchase process on and offline.

And, of course, in the car, fulcrum of the choice. Consistent and fulfilling journeys facilitate sales, improve the satisfaction of the final users and increase the brand equity of the OEMs.

Pininfarina was founded in 1930 with the mission of creating luxury and gran luxury experiences. The motivating force behind the 90 years of history in each and every project has been satisfying a man’s desires and dreams. Through our history, we have evolved from delivering a car to aiding in the creation of an entire ecosystem around it, from its conception to its delivery. We can do so thanks to our multidisciplinary competences, from car design to engineering, from UX design to interior design. When creating the experience, we start by defining the strategy and the brand architecture construction. We then work on the construction of the aesthetic universe consistent with the OEM’s brand values. We follow by designing products and take care of all the aspects, from the exterior to the interior to the user interface, this way giving life to the experiential journey of the new car.

Thanks to our Architecture Division, we are able to design spaces in which the cars we have designed will meet their final users, whether that be the booth to the dealership, to  innovative experience centers. The full 360 experience is key in today’s world where the delivery is as important as the product.
Devoted to our roots, every client and every OEM is unique and different. We work together to build the brand and car experiences that fit their needs in a way that actively helps contributing to their success.

Today, the massive globalisation has created a strong desire for uniqueness. Luxury, ultra-luxury objects and premium experiences are thus requested more than ever. Niche and high-qualitative manufacturing allowing to create small series of luxurious objects, characterized by superior quality, are again highly requested. As a brand with almost 90 years of history, whose expertise in creating unique design experiences remains unchanged for almost a century, we have developed our DNA for selected luxury experiences. When a consumer chooses a car designed and signed by Pininfarina, he buys more than a product: he enters in the world of Pininfarina. A world that shares a heritage of design of hundreds of beautiful cars, over 120 innovative concept cars, and a history of 89 years of tailor-made projects for Maharajas and Sultans, Kings and Queens, Princes and Princesses, Industry Tycoons, Movie Stars, worldwide famous music stars and elite sports players. Through our powerful universe, our strong heritage and our design excellence, we help our clients to increase their brand value and create more business.

To illustrate Pininfarina capability to complete a 360° project with a client we can take a look at our partnership with the emerging Vietnamese carmaker VinFast. We started from the definition of the design language up to the go-to-market phase.

VinFast, being a brand-new car company developing its first own range of world-class vehicles worked with Pininfarina to define a recognizable brand identity and to develop a specific design language that you will find in all the next VinFast models. For example the unique V logo in the grille which gives reference to the country of Vietnam, as well as the Vingroup and VinFast brands.

Pininfarina also developed the exterior and interior design of the new LUX A2.0 sedan and LUX SA2.0 SUV and has manufactured them in our atelier in Cambiano. The two show cars were unveiled during the Paris motor Show in 2018. Finally, leveraging on our experience in architecture, interior design and experiential spaces, we also designed VinFast’s booth at the Paris Motor Show. This design will guide the client towards the go-to-market phase designing the new VinFast dealerships. The construction of a sophisticated and consistent customer journey allowed VinFast to enter in the crowded automotive market with a strong and distinctive identity.



The just closed Shanghai Motor Show, hosted another expression of our approach.  The Karma GT designed by Pininfarina, a new statuary Gran Turismo based on the Karma Revero.

The Revero is a car which by itself sparks a lot of emotions and was therefore the perfect base to showcase our know-how in creating balanced and elegant volumes, with a clear and understandable design theme, interesting details and a sense of holistic resolution of the entire creation.

Featuring the right equilibrium between character and harmony, the Karma GT designed by Pininfarina is a true Pininfarina, and a great Karma vehicle.

If the Karma GT designed by Pininfarina piques the interest of enough enthusiasts, Karma Automotive will introduce a limited run of production vehicles. If that happens, Pininfarina will build the cars in its atelier outside of Turin and will invite customers to personally configure their GT, making their car a “tailored suit”.

In today’s world, design excellence and tailor-made manufacturing are a unique formula that give life to outstanding products and increase brand positioning.

Karma and Vinfast are two concrete cases that showcase our expertise in designing both for well-known brands and for new comers who need our support in strengthening their Brand and their design strategy.

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