From the beginning, in 1930, Pininfarina dedicated itself to the design and manufacturing of special one-off cars for royals and VIPs in Europe and overseas. The natural vocation to realize the dreams of our customers is in our DNA since the beginning. The ability to understand not only needs but the desires. For today and for tomorrow. And to tailor unique experiences, made of elegance, craftsmanship and Italian style.

  • Pininfarina Bespoke Services
  • Pininfarina Bespoke Services
  • Pininfarina Bespoke Services


Pininfarina Bespoke Division operates in different sectors to transform into reality dreams and needs of our private customers.


    Giving a new twist to its long-term artisan tradition, Pininfarina offers collectors of unique cars the possibility of creating their own ”dream car”. According to the Fuoriserie program Pininfarina follows up all the construction phases of these models destined to raise to the status of “cult” objects. Pininfarina has always had a natural vocation for custom-built cars. It was thanks to its exceptional capacity to interpret the clients’ dreams, creating unique or limited series, that the fame of Carrozzeria Pinin Farina spread rapidly in Italy and abroad throughout the 1930s and 40s.

    Over time Pininfarina’s success led to the move from an artisan to an industrial dimension, forming valuable collaboration relationships with the world’s most important car makers. But the Company’s ability to make “one-offs” for individual clients has always remained. Today, Pininfarina continues to dedicate resources and talented people to realize unique models for individual clients. The exceptional skills of Pininfarina designers to interpret the clients’ dreams, together with the application of innovative technologies and the historic craftsmanship skills of its technicians, are still creating cars worthy of legend. Along the journey that bring these extraordinary models to life, a symbiosis grows up between the client and Pininfarina. This is a distinctive characteristic of this service because the client is the project’s real protagonist, intervening in all the phases that lead to the creation of the final custom-built car: from design to engineering, from the selection of materials to the final assembly.

    • Pininfarina Bespoke Services
    • Pininfarina Bespoke Services
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    Pininfarina and the sea have always had a relationship of particular affinity. The passion for freedom and beauty, which has found many expressions in the automotive world, has generated some jewels in the nautical sector since the Sixties. In the design of the private yachts we bring all the know-how coming from the rich heritage in the automotive sector, where we have created icons of style and developed a solid expertise in the design of emotional forms.

    An approach focused on man, which places him, with his desires and dreams as the epicenter of the project. In particular, the unique tradition in managing the relationship with “special customers” with their high expectations, an approach that comes from our roots in the thirties when we created luxury cars and GranLusso for high society around the world (real houses) , entrepreneurs, actors and actresses) and that is a fundamental element in the conception of customized and sartorial solutions in the nautical world. An approach based on our values ​​- elegance, purity and innovation – that influence all our projects and make Pininfarina unmistakable. Among the most famed we find G. Cinquanta for Gianni Agnelli, the Corsara for the Aga Khan and the recent Tango wallyCento

    • Pininfarina Bespoke Services
    • Pininfarina Bespoke Services
    • Pininfarina Bespoke Services
    • Pininfarina Bespoke Services

    An approach focused on man, which places him, with his desires and dreams as the epicenter of the project. Pininfarina history is built upon breakthrough concept research. With rich experience from the automotive years, Pininfarina is able to identify solutions, exploring the critical area of aerodynamics and functionality. With the user as the focus of each experience – the integration of innovation with comfort becomes paramount of each project.

    In the activity of designing the interiors of aircrafts, Pininfarina leverage on its 360° design vision, from the automotive – in conceiving the seats –  to the architecture – in the conception of the spaces. The result is extremely innovative, a perfect blend of comfort, functionality and refined elegance, unique for a private jet.


    Creating great places and objects that engage people’s emotions and keep these emotions alive through the years. We believe that design is among the critical factors that create an enhanced human experience.

    Throughout the years, via the “Private Design Division”, Pininfarina Extra acquired an extensive experience in 360° Luxury and Tailor made design for Private Clients involving also the private architecture projects. Our experience in designing tailor-made projects in the automotive sector combined with our capabilities in architecture and interior design allow to give life to projects customized on our customers’ dreams.

    • Pininfarina Bespoke Services
    • Pininfarina Bespoke Services
    • Pininfarina Bespoke Services
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