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The project

Fluidity of shapes, essentiality and elegance

Concept cars have always demanded courage, vision, far-sightedness and passion. This is what the Sintesi represents: an ambitious and audacious exploration in the future of sustainable, intelligent mobility.

The Sintesi is a car that came to life under the pencil, a 4-seater created around the occupant. It investigates the shapes that a car can take, combining Pininfarina’s expertise in several fields: design, engineering applied to the product and manufacturing.

The Sintesi was previewed at the 2008 Geneva Motor Show.


The way

A combination of desire and intuition

The Sintesi was developed with an absolutely revolutionary approach: not considering the car as a shape that covers the mechanical parts and the passengers, but rather developing the mechanical parts around the passengers, starting from the latter and putting their need for space and for safety in first place. This method has been described as “Liquid Packaging” and it was combined with another innovative vision, Transparent Mobility, which puts all vehicles into communication, using a system of shared intelligence.
The application of Liquid Packaging overturned the traditional volumetric balance, freeing up the space at the front of the vehicle normally occupied by the engine. The fuel cells were divided into 4 blocks positioned around the wheels. Positioning these elements and the other propulsion units in the lower part of the car meant that the weight could be distributed more efficiently, lowering the centre of gravity, and optimising driving dynamics.
Everything on the Sintesi was designed to minimise drag and to make the car’s aerodynamics performance extremely efficient. The car was conceived as a whole: in addition to the 5 classic sides, the project also considered a sixth side, the underbody of the car, which was designed by adding a tunnel to limit negative lift, thus reducing the front section. The rear, with its truncated tail, is the best solution to optimise the air flow.
One of the most important novelties regarded the proportions: the passenger compartment is very large, practically without any volume in front. Another element of dynamism and sportiness is the large wings that flow into the sides, optically balancing the volumes. And finally the front light clusters are incorporated into the whole. The spectacular upward opening of the four doors is also practical because they take up less lateral space.

The idea

Tending towards attention to man

Pininfarina has created dozens of concept cars over the years, from the Sigma Grand Prix to the three versions of the Ethos, the Nido and the Birdcage 75th. The Sintesi represents the evolution of a corporate culture projected towards the future of the car. A sustainable future that is created around man.

A challenge to the future

This project began from a white sheet of paper. From the impulse to look forward and to explore the creative freedom that passes the limits and prejudices of car design. A constant striving for this balance between creative freedom and concrete reality is in Pininfarina’s genes and it is the principle that inspired the talented designer, who are projected to look “beyond”.


Pininfarina's way to Automotive

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