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Vidde - Pininfarina
19 February 2024


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    19 February 2024


Jukkasjärvi / Icehotel, Sweden 2024-02-18 - “We are very excited to finally launch our first product, says Vidde CEO Cristian Lystrup and continues. “From the beginning of this project we have had a dream to have our launch here at the Icehotel, not only because of the amazing location and scenery but also because this is where we really can show that our product can work in true arctic conditions”. The Vidde Alfa, as the pre-series is called, has a battery system with an internal heat making it possible to meet the cold climate conditions as low as -39° celsius. For users such as the Icehotel and others in the arctic climate, these temperatures are a reality and the importance of meeting that demand has since the beginning been a focus for Vidde. Since the launch of the prototype, Frank, last winter the team has worked devotedly to make it possible to overcome many of the compromises often faced when turning from a fossil driven vehicle to an electric vehicle. “We want to make sure we can actually have a vehicle that can be powerful, with a good range and give the driver a pleasant ride,” - says Vidde CTO, Fredrik Blom. Together with the design house Pininfarina, the development has focused on finding solutions that can both emphasise the pure pleasure of using the vehicle yet at the same time making it functional and attractive for years to come. “Putting a vehicle into the market today is also a responsibility for taking care of the product as it goes out of life 5, 10 or 15 years from now. We need to make sure that our snowmobiles already now are designed to be part of our future”, - says Kristine Lium Head of Design and Sustainability and gets support from Xavier Blanc Baudriller, VP Experience Design at Pininfarina. “The Vidde project is unique in that way as it’s not only looking to solve what is right in front of us. The big focus is to create a solution that meets the needs of the customers today as well as tomorrow”, - Xavier Blanc Baudriller continues. The Vidde pre-series will be tested together with SkiStar, Sveaskog and Skellefteå Kraft, in addition to Icehotel for the rest of this season. “We’ve worked together with these partners in the development of the product and now it’s time to get it into the field and start testing it in real conditions and situations, - says Christian Lystrup. The new vehicle will be put into production and ready to start shipping at the later stage of 2024 expecting to expand production moving towards 2025. The first units are already signed for by the testing partners but there are still many opportunities to sign up and pre-book a Vidde snowmobile. The product is expected to start delivery with a price tag of € 26.200. Go to to read more about the product.